Welcome to Fishrunners Engineering Inc., member of Professional Engineers Ontario, ISO 18436-2

specialists in vibration analysis


We believe in

  • Developing solutions to maximize your production and efficiency
  • Improving your machinery reliability
  • Providing resolution to your mechanical maintenance and repair issues

We will accomplish this by

  • Developing and implementing "best maintenance" practices in your company
  • Defining your maintenance management performance indicators (your Key Performance Indicators)
  • Creating new programs or enhancing existing preventive and predictive maintenance programs in your plant

We are your mechanical engineering resource for

  • Vibration analysis, acceptance testing to API and ISO standards, and equipment speed increase issues
  • Motor rebuild and purchase standards, and balancing and alignment standards
  • Bearing and belt drive selection, pump sizing and selection, and mechanical trades training materials
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165 Fox Road, Wooler, ON K0K 3M0 | Telephone: (647) 988-8778 | E-mail: inquiries@fishrunnersengineering.com